The clergy of the American Orthodox Catholic Church are available to serve the community in a variety of different ministries and outreach programs. Teens and adults are welcome and can find a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere in which they can express their needs or concerns under the expectation of full confidence and safety.

Outreach Ministries:

+ Education/tutoring (All subjects EC-8, English/Reading and Social Studies 9-12)
+ LBGT Community (Spiritual counseling and understanding for both youth discovering their sexuality and adults. This service is not designed to "fix the problem" but to help you understand your place as a gay person in the world WITH GOD and not without Him.)
+ Spiritual Counseling (Pre-marital, divorce, grief)
+ Emotional Support

* Our assistance will be limited to those areas in which we have a competence and understanding. If we cannot give you competent assistance with your spiritual needs, we will gladly direct you to other providers who are better prepared to assist your needs. We do NOT claim to provide any service in counseling in anything other than a spiritual nature. While no fee is required for any of these services, a donation would certainly be welcome..

For further information, please contact a parish near you.