Do you have a vocation?

Before you start you need to ask yourself some questions. If you are already a minister from another church and seek to be a monk in our community we need you to test your vocation as this is a serious step in your life.
You also need to ask yourself for what you are looking. If you want to play church or are looking for a "quick fix" to your problems, then this is not the place for you. If you are looking to serve in a large scale or "popular" church then we cannot help you. If you are seeking universal recognition, we must say that no Christian church enjoys such. Even though we are a small Orthodox community we are serious about why we are here. Although we are open to the individual finding his own path to God via the many different spiritual paths that are available, we are serious about providing that path along the road of Orthodox traditions. We are sincere about our ministry and will admit sincere candidates who can build and serve in ministries where God's people are safe.

Your vocation is a process, including education. It is about forming your mind and spirituality toward ministry and to cultivating your relationship with the bishop-abbot and your superiors. It is also a question of discernment.

Discernment is about asking yourself important questions on a regular basis.

Why do you want to become a monk (deacon or priest)?
Do you enjoy telling others about God and his infinite love for us?
Do you set time aside for personal prayer and meditation?
Would you enjoy leading and participating in public prayer and worship?
Would you enjoy preaching God's word and administering the Holy Mysteries?
Are you willing to help others who are in spiritual need regardless of their faith or denomination?
Are you ready to dedicate yourself to your ministry first with everything else coming second?
Are you willing to sacrifice your free time to the service of the church?

Once you have determined that monastic or ordained ministry is what God is calling you to live, you will need to determine if our branch of Orthodoxy is right for you. In the mean time; take time to pray, keep your daily prayer life and discipline, ask the Holy Spirit for strength and for guidance and pray for protection from negativity for yourself. Most importantly, ask others to pray for you.

To inquire about your vocation speak with the bishop-abbot. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you live close enough, or are able to travel, visit our community one Sunday or Holy Day.
Jesus Christ
Does this ministry feel right to me?
Is there a good fit between where I would like to be and the life and spirit of this church?
Do the theological aspects of Orthodoxy, in general, speak to my heart?
Can I deal with a mixture of theological mystery and less defined dogma?
Does the Eastern form of worship appeal to me?
Am I comfortable with the thought of pastoring a community that may have only five members?

Personal requirements
1). Minimum age of 18 to enter the monastery (25 for ordination)
2). Good health and mental condition.
3). Sufficient income for living and provided community support.

Academic Qualifications

For Entrance into the monastery:
1). Bachelor's Degree (or current enrollment to complete said degree before
the completion of minor orders)*
2). Good written and verbal skills.
3). 15 credit hours in philosophy*
4). Willingness to enter a school of Theology for further studies.

For Ordination to Major Orders:
Completion of a program in Theological Studies from a school of theology that is approved by our bishop-abbot.

Canonical Impediments
1). Physical or mental conditions which would prevent ministry.
2). Dependency on substances such as alcohol or drugs.*
3). Criminal Record *
4). A secular job incompatible with a clergyperson.

* Official records will be required with your application to confirm the statements on that application. Included will be a criminal background check completed through a process of fingerprinting and other forms.

For further information, please contact one of the bishops near you.